Captain Awesome (machine_logic) wrote in shitetalkers,
Captain Awesome


Mark 2xM: word
Blackmail Inc: who's this?
Mark 2xM: put industrialm2 on your buddy list and speak to him tonight. he is expecting you
Blackmail Inc: oh?
Blackmail Inc: who am I speaking with?
Mark 2xM: a man with no name
Blackmail Inc: ok
Blackmail Inc: who's industrialm2?
Mark 2xM: i have a question for you from the master
Mark 2xM: is the enemy of my enemy my friend? or my enemy
Blackmail Inc: ummm ok
Blackmail Inc: no idea what you're talking about, bu
Blackmail Inc: bud
Mark 2xM: you dont seem quite as intelligent as he said
Mark 2xM: however my master will find out for sure
Blackmail Inc: alrighty then
Mark 2xM: i take my leave
Blackmail Inc: whatever
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